by Develsaa

April 3 – 10th
(Excerpt from “The Secret Language of Relationships“)

The Aries II period takes The Star as its central image. It can be likened to the time when a child first emerges from its protected, nurturing enviornment – not only to become more aware of life around it but to perhaps also to feel itself at the center of what is going on.

The days comprise Aries II reveal a period characterized by experimental, initiatory and social concerns. In human terms, this “Star” childhood is a shining enthusiastic enity busy with its first attempt at self-definition around which other figure revolve. The child develops a concept of self (ego formation) and refers to itself, first using its own name and only later using the word and concept “I”. Only by constant experimentation can its environment be probed and understood; this process involves a certain amount of daring and necessity going too far or too fast at times. Indeed, the natural assertiveness of the child must be made manifest in order for normal development to take place.

Aries II people need to be at the center of things. They often feel lonely, even in the midst of a crowd, and consequently they rarely allow themselves to be alone. Born in the week of the star, they must have satallite plaents revolving around them; admirers, supportors, or co-workers. These individuals may seem self-centered, but even as they insist that their central position not be jeapordized or threatened many are able to let go of their ego to a suprising degree by giving themselves fully to a project, cause, movement or religion. Aries II’s can be swept away by their own vanity, and this can be unpleasant for those around them. Unfortunately, however its an ever-present pitfall for them that they fall in love with their own ideas, projects and even, in extreme cases with themselves.

Those born during the Aries II period are highly goal oriented. Unfortunately in order to get where they need to be they may occasionally act amorally, and may neglect the feelings of others. This is probably not particularly painful for Aries II’s themselves, since they don’t generally rank high in empathy for or even in awareness of the emotions of others. Futhermore, their external striving can take the spotlight away from what should take center stage : their own inner being. Lack of introspection, simply not knowing themselves well, can hold these individuals back from spiritual growth. On the other hand Aries II’s who are challenged to realise that this inner peak is the one most worthy of being climbed are indeed fortunate people. Climbing it may well be the most important experience of their lives.

When it comes to a competitive, will-to-win kind of spirit Aries II’s have few equals. The upside of this driving energy is the ability to implement their often visionary and courageous ideals; the downside is an impatience with slower-moving minds and bodies, an irritability that can easily explode in destructive anger. Indeed, extreme behavior and a tendancy to excess basically not knowing when to stop, can land Aries II’s in hot water again and again. This type of Aries must be paricularly wary of letting their fire get out of control, and so must those who provoke them. Outright supression or repression of their feelings is certinally not the answer, however since this invariably results in frustarion and depression,which can then initiate a new cycle. On the other hand Aries II’s who remain balanced and relaxed, who keep their energy freely flowing are certinally individuals to be admired.

Transforming their abudant energy into hard work often is the solution sought by Aries II’s. Consequently, one real way to relate to them is to get right in there with them, to work side by side with them, and share their frusterations and joys. Those who can keep up with them often make successful partners and mates for them, although the prodigious energy required passes beyond the usual bounds of friendship.

Aries II’s often put themselves into indispensable positionl they are highly dependent on the feeling that others need them. This is ironic, since at heart they like nothing better than being free to act, to move, to decide, without the encumbrance of familial or societal responsibilites. A time comes in the lives of many Aries II’s when they are rejected or ignored by their fans and are thrown back on themselves. When painful experiences like this make them finaly face and overcome their need to be needed, they may be pushed into discovering their essential self. It is not at all unlikely for Aries II’s to show their truly independent side much later in life, perhaps in their 60ies and 70’s, when they may travel, exercise, explore creative activities or hobbies or in other ways strike out on their own.

Is it possible for Aries II’s to find emotional fulfillment in a relationship?. What about those who become involved with them-what can they expect? Certinally not many days off; being involved with an Aries II is a full-time job. Yet those who relate to them most successfully are often put in the role of friend or advisor first, mate or lover second. The love relationships of Aries II’s often burn out quickly, like shooting stars. Their selfish drives to conquer and dominate, unfortunately, come out in passionate relationships; quick to get involved, they can just as easily get uninvolved.

Those who seek to touch an Aries II person on a direct emotional level may find themselves rebuffed. Aries II’s have a real problem opening up at a deep level. They rarely let others into their inner world, and indeed, it someones seems that they deny access to their emotional life even to themselves. Given their air of detatchment, emotional types often feel rejected by them. Nevertheless they do have a need for sympathetic and understand mate or close friend who can help them understand themselves better. Those who are best for them are those who hang in there, not only exerting great patience and willpower but encouraging them to express and discuss their feelings. Finally, despite their aloofness jealousy is not uncommon among Aries II’s; to be replaced as the object of someone’s affections is not at all what they had in mind for themselves.

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