Night Out – 1998

by Develsaa

Its night out, the sun as just dropped over the lush green hills,
making a path with its Erie twilight glow, the wind is softly blowing, and there I stand,
the wind whispering my black dress against the trees, you can see my nipples perk up
beneath my clothing, tightening it on my skin. I cross my arms against my chest, trying to
warm up, my breath comes out in a silver fog. My hair drops down and covers my ivory face,
its curls reaching down around my firm thighs,

through the trees you watch, her hands clasped upon her lap,
slowly softly you advance towards her

My chest heaves; I look down, seeing my soft breasts rise and
fall as I fill my lungs with air, and then let it out, I hear a sound in the woods, my
breath sharply intakes, I turn around, and see a wolf running in the distance, its sleek
coat shimmering under the stars… you see her head turn, and look upon her sweet, young
body, watching her breasts rise and fall as she breathes…I watch the animal run, closing
my eyes softly, the breeze making me shiver.. You watch her shiver, advancing more towards
her, the buldge in your pants growing, your lust filling for her as you slowly creep
towards her, suddenly she is right in-front of you, her scent enticing you, you reach out,
and wrap your arms around her waist, pulling her close, smelling her in, feeling her
vibrant body stiffen under yours, your hands run over her silken skin I feel a presence
and then suddenly hands grab me, pulling me tightly to them, I can feel a mans body
pressing into mine, I stiffen in his hands, softly screaming out, my heart racing …You
can feel her heart racing against your hands, and you cup her breasts, and bend down
whispering in her ear. "So there you are, I got you now…" you turn her around
and kiss her deeply, pulling her closer to you, feeling the need to touch her, to kiss
her, to show her how much you have missed her. I scream, then hearing your voice relax, my
heart goes back to normal, and I kiss urgently against your lips, my body filling with
your passion, I press against you, my body shivering slowly …I press against you
again, my hands go to wrap around your neck, pulling you down, kissing you with more
urgency, showing you how much I have missed you, the terror leaving me and filling me with
lust, passion, want… your skin rough against mine, your hands caress me, I kiss your
neck, savoring the sweet taste .. I dip one hand down the wind making my body shiver
more… you grab my hands and pick me up, carrying me over to the meadow you had passed on
your walk home.. I cling on to you, my dress trailing on the ground, you can see her white
breasts showing through the thin black dress she is wearing, the strings that lace up her
bodice slowing becoming undone … I feel you lay me down on the soft ground of the
meadow, the grass cushioning my body, you brush the hair from my eyes, your hands running
down my sides, cupping my breasts over my clothing feeling my nipples hard against your
touch.. I softly moan out, my breath a thick fog in the night … you press yourself
against me, your hands deftly lifting my dress from my tender body…my ruby lips set in a
smile, you press against them with your tongue, parting my lips to touch my tongue … my
hands reach down your body, my fingers gently stroking your tight skin, I pull off your
shirt, pressing your hot strong body against mine … my soft breasts hardening against
your thick chest …I bend down and kiss your shoulder… My hands reach under me …
seeing you stand up to pull off your pants, I take the opportunity to see how wet I am, I
slide my fingers down to my hot cunt, the tips gently stroking my hardening clitoris, my
body heating up from the touch … you watch me, … taking a long time to pull off your
pants, I slide my fingers down my clit, and up again, my knees pulled against one another,
you look down at me, and shake my head… telling me no, and you press my knees open, you
tell me you want to see…. My cheeks blush, and I smile at you, and nod my head… I
press my thumb against my clit, while my fingers go to invade my pussy…I slide one in,
my body quivers, accepting my fingers… you look at me, your pants finally off, and you
kiss my knees, your hands pressing against them, opening them, watching me play …I press
my soft fingers inside of me … deeper… I arch my back; my screams hit the air…

You press harder against my knees, opening my legs, the wind
softly blowing against my wet pussy. My scent hits the air, its sweet intoxicating aroma
hitting your nostrils, you breath me in … My hands now plunging deep into my pussy,
you bring your naked body up against my chin… running your cock along my lips, my collar
bone, its swollen head pressing against my sweet crimson lips, my mouth watering for your
hard shaft…I move my hands from my clit, the night making my movements almost invisible,
I press them against your ass, pulling you to me… my tongue darting out, and wrapping
around the tip of your swelling cock, I press your lucious dick into my mouth, my lips
suctioning around it, pressing it in deeper, I can taste your sweet spiciness inside, my
tongue swirls around your swollen cock, my hands grip your ass and pump you into my mouth,
your balls slapping against my chin, I move your immense shaft down my throat, my lips
closing around the base of you, my nose smelling your spiciness, up and down my lips take
you deep down, feeling your sturdy body quiver as I take you deeper then you have ever
gone, the night falling down, enclosing us in our meadow, the wolf howling in the
distance, your hands press against the ground, you tilt your head back and emit a loud
howl, your throat ravaged by the screams you release…you bend your head down,…you can
see her elegant mouth taking your hard rod inside of her tight mouth … you move up and
down, harder and faster, your hips circling, making you crack against my nose, my chin
…her body irresistible, you pull out of her, and bend down, having the rapture to kiss
her, to feel your wet tongue in her mouth ..To press against her lips, to press yourself
against her tantalizing body…you pull her tight, hot body to you, feeling her arms
tighten around your back, her nails digging in, you kiss her deeply, violently, pressing
your whole body against her tinier one, your erect shaft hard in the night, you kiss down
her lips, her sweet, soft, perfectly proportioned breasts. You lick across them, kissing,
biting, your lips tugging on her firm nipples, your hand slides down her soft body, your
fingers part her lips, coaxing more juices from her, her body tempting against yours…
she lets out a scream of pure ecstasy…you can feel her body, you want her badly, her
close body pressing against you the want in your loins almost growing painful ,you can
feel yourself growing against her, I take your cock in my hands, pressing it against my
wet, hot cunt.

Feeling the head throbbing against my sweet pussy. I tilt up,
pressing my lips to yours. My thighs wrap around your shoulders, feeling your strong hands
spread my legs open, pressing against my knees, you grab my hand, and thrust it down on
you, making me feel your hard shaft, pressing the tip harder against my wet body… you
feel her body under yours. Her soft rhythms pulling you into an intoxicating dance… I
cry out, my body arching into yours, feeling your hands pull me close, feeling your lust
for me… I move my hands harder against your hard shaft, pulling it just slowly inside
of me …my pussy grabs it up, thrusting you inside of me, my hands pull against your
skin, feeling you moan out. The soft grass cushioning your knees, you wrap your hands
against her ass, pulling her to you. You can smell her hair, her body, as her scent hits
the hair, filling you up with the want of her, you trust deep down inside of her, feeling
her body tighten, hearing her moan out … I cry out, feeling your strong hands pull me
to you … I look in your eyes, seeing your want and passion through them.

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