Playing – 2004

by Develsaa

This is slightly reminiscent of Fantasy, but it is with a different twist.

He holds her close as he dips her into the water, wanting her clean before they start their play. “Now little one, wash your hair for me, making sure its sparkling” she gently nods, and starts to unbraid her hair, letting the entire 3 feet of it soak into the water, she opens her shampoo, Aussie – Mega, and drops a pearl of it into her hands, then she rubs them together, creating a lather; running it through her fingers. After a few minutes, all of her hair is rolled into a tight bun, and dripping in suds, she looks up at you and smiles. “Good girl.”.

Lying within the water, remembering earlier conversations, the way you make my body feel, my skin, my clit. The lust that is building between us, I gently dip my head under the faceut and rinse off the shampoo, letting the sweltering water seep into my skin, making the start of my fantasy.

She watches him turn on the faucet, and she complies, letting him wash it out. She repeats it with conditioner, then lays in the water. “Rise, and dry yourself.” “Yes Sir” is her prompt reply, and she makes her way from the water, crossing her legs as she walks, catching the towel in your hands, she drys her skin. She feels as your hands gently touch her as she dries off, her neck, shoulders, brushing her nipples, a tease of whats to start.

As I get out of my bath, I can feel the ghost of your strong hands as they steady my steps. I reach past my towel, with just my fingertips, lightly brushing my neck, moving down to my shoulders, and then lightly grazing my own nipples, feeling them jump to life under my caress.

“Come here little one.” She kneels at your feet, and he smiles, he pats the bed and tells her to lie down. He straddles her, pressing her naked form against the bed, his hands start to roam around her, making her skin smooth, she feels the wet kiss of lotion against her back, he releases her tension, making it bleed from her skin, softly moving his hands to tease her clit, showing her who is in control here. A gasp almost trickles out, as she feels a warmth rush between them.

I close my eyes, letting my hands trail over and over my skin. The lotion feels like silk as I rub tension from my muscles. I touch my shoulders roughly, grabbing the muscles there and kneading. I massage my calves, and thighs rubbing in lotion and tension away. I let my index finger brush once against the cleft between my legs, letting the sensation wash over me slowly, a gasp catching in my throat.

He crawls off of her, and tells her to turn around, and close her eyes. “Yes Sire.”, she lays naked before him, the water still clinging to her hair. She hears him clang something in his hands, and softly she purrs, feeling his hands pull at her nipples, making them perk. She feels the tight pinch of a clamp as he applies them, drawing a chain between each one, connected to the ring on his finger. He gives a soft tug, watching her body ripple in pleasure, and pain. He pulls at her restraints, a instrument in which he expertly strokes. Her back arches, and she moans feeling a ball of heat roam through her cunt, he wants this to last, so he deftly pulls the clamps off, leaving her nipples taut, swollen. Softly his nails stroke her skin, drawing out her torture.

My hands wander to my breasts, tracing circles around the tight bud, until arching up, I grab my nipples and pinch. I alternately pull and caress them until I feel the heat seep to my belly and down between my legs. My breath becomes a little faster and a short moan escapes my lips. But I want this to last, so I reluctantly release my nipples and trace patterns on the flesh of my middle for a while longer.

“Oh Master..” she softly purrs out, feeling her body move and shudder under his play. She feels his hands move against her thighs, blowing gently across her clit, opening her legs, pressing his nails along her thighs, feeling her hips arch to meet him. He laughs softly “You think so little one?.”, his hand flicks her clit, his fingertips teasing her.. “Oh Master Please….”

My breath is coming faster as I tease myself, running my hands up my thighs, just short of feeling my own mounting wetness. I can smell the scent of my arousal as I spread my legs wider, inviting further caresses. I know if I touch myself, I’ll come on the spot, so I prolong my agony by barely flicking a fingertip over the swollen lips hiding my clit

“Master, please?.. What little one.. what do you want?” She moans, her scent surrounding her, droping her into a pure animal lust..”Oh Master, please touch me… please play with me.. please I need you to touch me, I need to feel it.. oh please…” softly she begs. She feels his hand dip against her, gathering her juices, then pressing against her lips “Is this what you want my little slut, for me to stroke you.” “YES…. SIRE..” she moans, he laughs again, and goes back to her cunt, stroking her carefully, teasing her lips, her skin, wanting her desire grow.

I slowly dip my fingers into my own wetness and bring them to my mouth, savoring the scent and taste of my own arousal. I begin to stroke myself careful to avoid my clit, letting the intensity continue to build.

He continues for a while, falling her hips, her pussy, her mound, teasing, and playing, avoiding her bud. He smiles at her, and stops, pressing his palm against her. He feels her hips rise, to hit his hand, bucking softly, her breath coming out in spurts. “Is this what you want little one?”.

I pause, with my finger pressed lightly over my clit, feeling my heart race, and my flesh throb beneath my hand. I tap my clit, my hips bucking to meet each touch. Now, my breath comes faster and shorter.

“Yes Sir… oh please dont stop.. please please…” Her voice starts to plead, and he enjoys that. Deftly he strokes faster, harder, beckoning her orgasm to him, wishing to claim it. He looks at her, her body crimson, her skin rippling, moist with her sweat, her desire.He leans over her, close to her ear. gently tugging at the skin with his teeth. “Come for me little one, cum now.”

As my touch becomes more and more insistent, I stroke my clit rhythmically, building speed and intensity with each passing moment, pausing only slightly to lengthen the pleasure. Slowly I feel my orgasm build in the center of my stomach and start to spread outward.

“Good girl”. He raises, and smiles at her.

I fall back onto the bed, my hand dripping with the evidence of my pleasure, gasping for breath.

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