New Lens!

by Develsaa

Hi everyone!

So, I got a new lens! It’s something I’ve been wanting for a really.. really.. really long time, and I hardly ever treat myself, but I bit the bullet, closed my eyes, and ordered it. I am thrilled. Thrilled with my lens, it’s awesome. However, I am not able to take Selfies with it, alas.. Here are the last selfies from my other lens :


Goodbye old lens (No I still will use it, but I LOVE this new lens) It’s a telephoto lens… So.. I took a picture of this dragonfly today.


That’s from about 6 feet away.. And here it is fully zoomed in :


Aww.. so excited! I did try to get a picture of the waterfall and failed but it’s an interesting shot of water nonetheless :


I am still learning how to use it, I took some shots of myself, and they all failed spectacularly :

sxVRVd5b.jpg GaG4CgRb.jpg CoUz9qzb.jpg

From this not big they look okay, but really they are all out of focus. Which is fine, just frustrating. Regardless.. Today I went on a short hike. I’ve been meaning to do more, but the past two weeks have been hectic. My kids are out of school, my landlord called and informed us that he sold our place, so we may be asked to move shortly, which sucks, We’ve been here 9 years, my youngest has summer school for reading, and speech therapy, and we are in the middle of a heat wave, the other day it was 110!! I did go to a lake on Monday, but I didn’t take any pictures, it was incredibly hot, and I ended up swimming out the middle of the lake with my daughter on my lap (using an inter-tube), and was exhausted. So, I’ve not had the time or the inclination to go out and walk, but while Kira was at school today, I went out. The trail I went on is the PGE ditch, it apparently goes all the way to Lyons Dam, (Which is about an 8 mile hike), but I didn’t have time to go that far. A strange shift of perception.. (I’ll get to my point in a moment)

Here is the beginning of the trail :


And about a quarter mile up the bend, or a little further is this :


And walking across it is very high, but very pretty (apparently, when you get to the end of the trail, it’s a mile walk along 200ft up, similar to this, Oh I can’t wait) :


Now, before I lost weight (And here is my point), that minor walk, felt like it took forever. I was winded, and hurting when I got to this, point, and ready to go back. Today, getting there, was quick, and easy and I couldn’t believe how short it was, and how easy my body was able to make it there. It was slightly shocking.

Anyways, I went about 2 miles, I wanted to go further, and I will, but I had to head back to get Kira from school.. Here are some more shots of the ditch/trail :




And one more shot using the new zoom on the lens.. This bird was about 50 feet away!


I will have to finish figuring out how to use it, but I am still so happy with it.

And on a side last note.. Kira got a new headset, which she loves, and it’s made my other daughter Brin, jealous :


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Tom Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 - 4:12 pm

Hello great pictures


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