by Develsaa

These are the various projects that we’ve been making. Listed so far, Aquariums, LavaLamp, Bricks, TreeStump People, Play-Doh, Clay, Crystals, and Windcatcher.


Materials :
Fishing Line
Food Coloring (blue)
Small Shells
Small Rocks
Small Seacreature Toys
Small Aquarium Plant
Baby Oil
Hot Glue Gun / Gluesticks
Bottle (for the aquarium)

Instructions :
1) Place a small bit of clay at the bottom of a small aquarium plant and stick it to the bottom of your bottle/jar.

2) Pour a little bit of sand enough to cover the base of the plant, then place rocks on top of the sand, and pick out small parts of shells to add to your aquarium.

3) Pick the sea creatures to use as well, And this is a job for mommy, but mom’s start to thread the fishing line through the animals so that they hang from the lid of the aquarium.

4) Meanwhile heat up the hot glue gun. Once the kids have picked out their creatures, and seashells, their part is done. It’s mom’s job to glue the animals on the lid, that way once your aquarium is filled the animals hang, or look like they are swimming around.

5) Once you are all glued, go ahead and fill up your aquarium with water dyed blue. But leave a little bit at the top for the baby oil (Baby Oil just makes it look like it’s really ‘water’)

6) Pour a little bit of baby oil. You’re done, all that you need to do now is seal it. What I did was glue the rim of the bottle, then place the lid on top of that, sealing it shut.

7) Turn it upside down, watch the creatures swim, display it somewhere 😀


See those “Crystal Growing kits”? Well you can do them at home, for a third or less of the price (pretty much just need Borax pipe cleaners and water).

Materials :
Borax (Found in the Laundry Section)
Pipe cleaner
Wooden Spoon
String (non acryllic)
Glass Jar with a wide Mouth
(needs to be finished)

Lava Lamps

(needs to be finished)

Doorstops / Bricks

(needs to be finished)

Treestump Creatures

(needs to be finished)


(needs to be finished)

Clay Handprints

(needs to be finished)

Wind Catchers

(needs to be finished)

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