Frenzy – 2000

by Develsaa

Frenzy She was laying on him while they were kissing hot and heavy. Her dress and bra straps were well down off her shoulders. His tongue plundered her mouth while here breasts were pressed firmly against his chest. She felt her bra loosen as he undid the hooks.

He broke the kiss and allowed her to stand and remove her dress and bra. He smiled as he observed her panties becoming transparent where they were wet. She did not immediately return to him. She danced over to the dresser, making sure he saw every bounce of her large, perfect breasts. She opened the middle drawer and removed ropes and silk ribbons and a tiny little case.

He saw the ropes in her hand at understood her needs at once. He removed his underwear, the only thing he was still wearing at all, and stretched out full on the bed. He closed his eyes as she gently but firmly tied his wrists with the ribbon and secured his legs with the ropes. It was time for her sweet, gentle torture, he knew. It was a battle of wills, and one he always won. She would taunt him and try to get him to beg, but he never gave in. Sometimes she licked him all over. Sometimes she dragged her heavy breasts back and forth across his chest. But her favorite was to sit on him and play with herself until her juices spilled out all over him.

Each time she would try to get him to beg her to release him so he could take her. But he never did. Finally her lust would always get the best of her. Sometimes she would untie him. Other times she couldn’t wait any more and would climb onto his erect penis and ride him hard without stopping to untie him.

He wondered what she had in store for him this time and did not have to wait long to find out. She was licking his chest, especially his nipples. He saw and felt them get erect as she suckled. She was hungry for him. And thirsty. While he had his eyes closed, she had opened the small box and removed a very special gift he had once given her: a pair of lovely white vampire fangs he had made just for her.

The first time she used them on him, she thought she would drain him, but in reality she had probably taken less than a pint. Enough time had gone by, she knew, to drink him in again. She licked his chest all over and devoted time to his nipples, making sure she made them hard. His chest was very manly and thick with hair. She loved the way it felt as she dragged her tongue all over him. When she heard his moans of pleasure, she knew it was time to begin to nibble. She gently bit him everywhere, careful not to use the fangs, not just yet. His moans were becoming louder. She looked down at his penis to make sure it was getting hard and it was. She nibbled at him just above his left nipple. His moans were building up her lust. At last she bit into him, the fangs easily breaking his skin. She heard his gasp of surprise (not pain) and released him. Twin crimson dots appeared on his skin and began to spread. She licked them up. His blood was more than warm, it was hot!

She was beginning to frenzy. She bit him again and again, perhaps half a dozen times. The red speckles covered his upper chest and she greedily licked at them all. Her face was begining to be smeared with his life force as one wound would dampen her face while she sucked at another. Because the wounds were not large, they had a tendency to close and the flow decreased. She squeezed around them to keep the blood going. She saw him struggling with the ribbons around his wrists and she began to wonder if this once, she would win the battle of wills.

She left his chest and looked at his penis. It was very fully erect and she knew a bite down there would be a gusher. But she had promised him never to go that far, not in real life. She turned to face him and looked into his eyes. He was staring at her, and she knew without him saying a word that his manhood was off limits. She would never go against his wishes. Even tied up securely, he was fully in control and she knew it. Still she needed his penis, very badly. She straddled him on all fours in the 69 position. She deliberately dragged her heavy breasts over his tummy and held her pussy tantalizingly close to his mouth, but not close enough. She held his testicles firmly in one hand, propping herself with the other. She licked around the head and then sucked it into her mouth, being careful not to cut or scratch it on her razor sharp fangs. He was struggling to reach her pussy, but she kept it too high for him. Perhaps in a few minutes she would lay on top of him, but not yet.

His manhood tasted wonderful. It always did. She loved the taste of his seed, too, but it was not time for that. She wanted, needed his precious blood again. And not the little drops she had gently taken from his chest. The ropes had his legs well spread, and she knew what she had to do. Kim lay down on him finally, and began to lick his leg, right next to the scrotum. She could feel him begin to lick her vagina and her clitoris.

It sent her over the edge and she bit into his leg as deeply as she could. He cried out loud and She knew she hit a vein as soon as the crimson love began to flood her mouth. This heavy flow, so close to his manhood, was just what she needed. Her heart was pounding full force while she began to suck and swallow. She could feel it in her veins from head to toe as she drank him in. It was hot, it was pure love, and it was all hers. Her pussy was beyond wet, and she could feel him sucking it all in while she took form him. She released him from the bite and watched his blood pour out of the twin holes she left behind. This time no squeezing was needed to keep the flow going full force.

She rubbed his penis in the flow, soaking it completely and then took it back into her mouth, licking and sucking all the blood from it. When she cleaned it up, she did it again and again. Each time his penis seemed to get even harder. She bit hard on the head, careful to keep it between her dangerous razors.

She was fully frenzied now. Her vagina was in full spasm, the muscles and walls contracting wildly. Her juices were flowing very heavily and he was hard at working drinking them all in. A state of orgasm was nearly continuous. Another climax was washing over her and she began to lose all control. She let go of his penis and bit his other leg as hard as she could. His skin was broken by several of her teeth, not just the fangs. A new wellspring opened wide and she sucked it wildly.

He was screaming, both from pleasure and pain. She realized that he had shot his seed all over when she bit him. It was on her face and in her hair. But it would have to wait. She was still biting him as hard as possible, his flesh filling her mouth. She wanted to sever it entirely and swallow it, but didn’t dare.

His blood was more than enough for her as it was. It warmed, no heated, her everywhere. She could feel his blood already coursing through her whole body, pumped furiously by her madly beating heart. Her pussy was burning hot. Partly from his blood flowing in her, partly from the biting and licking he was doing to her. He sucked her very swollen clitoris into his mouth and flicked it mercilessly with his tongue.

The orgasm was constant and non stop and more than she could take. She let go of his leg and screamed out loud and long. His penis and her face and hair were covered with the blood from his two open wounds. Somewhere his seed was in the mixture. She raised up on her arms and wiggled her hips to drove her pussy hard against his mouth. Both her hands were pulling at the sheets, clumping them in her tight fists. His teeth held her clitoris firmly while he licked and sucked. His blood in her was making it more and more intense. She screamed again and again and again, even begging him to stop, but he would not. She had no idea how many orgasms she had, one or a million. It was really just one long, overwhelming climax that seemed to never end.

At last, completely overwhelmed, she collapsed on top of him. Her vagina was still on fire from the orgasm as she passed out. She drifted in an out of consciousness and sleep. Completely drained, she did not have the energy to wake. She thought she heard him say, “I love you”, but she couldn’t be sure. Somewhere, a million miles away, there were hands holding her, but she couldn’t be sure about that, either.

Eventually awareness drifted back into her. He was untied. She didn’t remember untying him, and in fact had not. He had taken care of the himself. They were on their sides, facing each other. His arms were wrapped tightly around her, very possessive. Her face had been cleaned up, but her hair still had traces of his liquid love in it. She looked down at his legs. They were tight together, but she could see the edges of bandages on each leg. His chest was unbandaged and the dozen puncture wounds looked like little scratches.

When he saw that she was awake, he kissed her lightly on the lips and whispered that he loved her. Another battle of wills was over. He was scared, but he had won again. He always won. And she loved it every time he did.

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