Ghost – 2003

by Develsaa

They had never met, never touched, their lips had never known the taste of each other. Their fingers had never held the others. Yet each day they gave to each other more love and tenderness than either had known. He came to her each night, like a spectre, a spirit she created within her mind. 

 His voice would speak to her, echo through the dark lonely void that was her heart and fill her with a bright light. When he left her she would often sit and smile to herself at how even with the tyranny of distance he truly touched her. 

She could close her eyes, and see him, a shadowy figure leaning against the door, entering her world, his dark cloak covering his face, his presence a powerful magnetism. His gaze would penetrate her soul, she could hear his words. His touch could ignite her passions.

 As she sat at her computer, the soft glow of the monitor lighting her face, the world around her dark, she could hear him command her to touch. To place a finger against her heat, to tease her hard clit from its hood. The shadowy figure would command her to touch harder, stroke it softer, his words vibrating around her brain. Her fingers would obey, probing her depths, seeking pleasure. To give herself pleasure,  knowing he was watching. 

 He could hear her, the sharp gasps of pleasure as she pushed her fingers into her warm willing body Or the soft moan of joy as the tension left her body, he could tell by the change in the timbre and tone of her voice that she crossed the threshold of ecstasy. The soft giggle that she would have when her body gave itself over to the lust. 

She would paint him pictures within his mind of her body moving, writhing with the pleasure he gave to her. She created scenes where they could escape the world.

A darkened bedroom. Lit by a solitary candle. She lay spreadeagled on top of the satin covers. He stood looking down upon her, testing the shackles he had placed upon her. His hand holding a feather, gliding it over her body, watching her squirm, a playful glint in his eyes. Yet the instruments of torture he had lined up for her would also take her to the peak of desire. 

He teased her shaved heat with the tip of the feather, watching her face. Seeing her pussy lips swell and engorge with blood. Turning a dusky pink, droplets of her juices coating them, like dew on the petals of a rosebud. He pushed the feather in a little further, teasing the clit. Making her squeal with giggles of delight, yet knowing that he was driving her wild with passion.

He watched her, her lips parted softly, the tip of her tongue running over her lips, wetting them. Her body arched towards the gentle touch of the feather. She looked so wanton, yet so innocent. Only he knew the dark creature that lurked within her. She looked like a rose, beautiful., but her knew that ever rose had thorns and if pushed she was a hellcat. 

But bound now as she was she was at his mercy, and he shivered knowing he alone commanded her. Tossing aside the feather, he told her now to prepare herself for him. He picked up a leather strap, and snapping its ends between his hands, letting her hear it. He watched her, his eyes deep pools of pure animal lust. Knowing that her skin would soon burn with the kiss of his leather. 

He brushed the end over her lips, as she silently begged him with her eyes to use her. She had learnt not to utter a sound until the intensity became to much for her, her breathing heavy and ragged were the only sounds that could be heard. Her shackled wrists jangling at times as she pulled against them. She waited.

With a sharp resounding crack the strap bit down onto her body. Hitting her just above her left breast.  Her body tensed, then relaxed as she let the warmth of the impact spread through her. Before she had time to comprehend the pain, he struck her body again, this time laying a red welt across her inner thigh. The end of the belt brushing her shaved heat. Causing her body to tremble at the sting of it.

He loved to watch her take his punishment, for she could stand so much before he broke her. Whack the belt hits again, the end landing squarely over her moist tender pussy lips. Her body jerking and lifting off the bed, trying to escape yet yearning for more. He watched as her eyes filled with pain, her face contorted with the sweet pleasure of the pain. Making his desire for her increase.

Again he strikes her, three quick short bursts of pain explode in her mind. The belt landing in a random pattern across her body. He works carefully yet with strength marking her body in a crisscross pattern of welts. Sweat dripped from his brow into his eyes, blurring his vision. Yet all he could see was her body, naked vulnerable to his needs. 

His hands reached for a hard nipple twisting it as again he bought the belt down upon her throbbing pussy. He listened to her moan, making his blood sing through his veins, racing to his hardening cock. He watched as her body twisted and turned, her hips rising off the bed, inviting him to again bring the belt down across her now swollen and tender pussy lips.

His thoughts clouded by her desire for her, the spell that held them blinding him as he touched his swollen cock, feeling it jump to his touch. One hand in time with his stroking worked over her body with the belt, ordering her to watch him. Not close her eyes to the pain. Ordering her to hold her release, knowing at times that caused her more intense pain than any beating he could give to her. 

His hand stroking his shaft, spreading a droplet of his essence over the sensitive skin, his body tense and shivering as he watched her struggle for composure, struggle to control her body. The welts on her body red and vivid against her pale skin. Again and again the belt bit her flesh, landing across her nipples, causing her to pull violently against her restraints, her body burning. He hears her moan, a low sound that makes his blood boil. 

He closes his eyes, his hand moving faster over his shaft, from the base to the tip his fingers squeezing, feeling the familiar tension deep within his balls. Feeling them tighten against his body, hitting her again across her pussy, ordering her to release for him. Watching as she tenses, her back arching, his own seed spurting from his body as she cries out in the anguish of the release.  

His seed spilling over her face, covering her beauty with his juices. He watched her as he stroked his cock, milking himself. Unable to control it the belt biting across her nipples, forcing a scream of release from her lips, as a large spurt of his essence hits her lips, dripping into her mouth.

His knees weak he slumps to the side of the bed, his breathing ragged and heavy. His eyes clearing as he looks upon her. Travelling down her body, back to her face, his cum dripping of her, sweat from her brow mixing and soaking the bed beneath her.   A sudden gust of wind the candle splutters out.

She opens her eyes and she is again alone in her room.  The light of the computer monitor, casting eerie shadows across the room. The shadowy spectre touches her neck before he leaves her. But they both know that he will again visit, so safe and warm within that knowledge that they re enter their world. Each left with longing for the other. The thought of their joining again carrying them through. Their love strong across the miles.

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