Oblivion – 2003

by Develsaa

She stares into her coffee, memories of the play flitting through her mind. "Star-crossed lovers…" she whispers. Her dreams fade further from reality with each passing year, she can still picture him: the vision from her childhood. The man she longs for, that she waits for to claim her. His hands descending on her body, caressing her very soul. She closes her eyes and drifts…

…He always finds her in her dreams. Their eyes lock, words unnecessary. His hand reaches out to her. She clasps it, following his lead to the dance floor. Their bodies move together, his hands sliding down her curves.

"Mine," he whispers in her ear, "I’ve been looking for you."

"I’ve been waiting," she replies as her lips touch his.

Their souls soar as their lips part, tongues dancing, sliding side by side. They finally separate and he leads her toward the door.

In his car, there are no words spoken. None are needed. His hand holds hers in his lap as he drives, his thumb running back and forth on the inside of her palm. Their smiles fill the silence.

He parks the car and quickly moves to open her door. They walk, arm in arm, into his house. He towers over her by more than a foot, his strength evident in his movements, but she is not afraid of him. They know each other; they’ve done this before many times, through many lifetimes.

He backs her up against the wall, bending down to kiss her, his hands on each side of her, trapping her beneath him. His body presses hard against hers. He smiles when he sees the hunger in her eyes. Her hands rip his shirt open, the buttons scattering on the floor. A low growl escapes his lips as her fingernails run down his chest, flicking over his nipples. His tenuous restraint is broken, as his hands reach for her dress, pulling at the zipper. The garment drops quickly to the floor. His mouth devours hers. As she sucks his tongue into her mouth, his cock strains to find relief.

He shakes with surprise when he feels her small, delicate hand stroke him. "How?" flits through his mind, unaware of when she had undone his pants. He is lost in her, losing himself, but is she losing herself? Is it a mutual journey? He stills and looks at her. Her back arches off the wall, her breasts jutting proudly out toward him. Her lips slightly parted; her tongue sneaks out. And he knows, yes, she is as lost as he.

Suddenly, his hand is on hers. Together they stroke his cock, making it harder. She takes his other hand in hers, trailing them down her body, inside her panties to her clit, rubbing in time to their stroking. He feels her orgasm wash over her. Her head falls back as he bends to bite her neck, rubbing harder. His hand pulls her panties off, easing their bodies down onto the rug.

Parting her legs, he rubs his cock up and down her slit, enjoying the look of need in her eyes as she watches. "Please," she begs, "I need you."

His resolve to tease her melts, as her hand guides him to her entrance. He pushes inside, sheathing himself in her soft heat in one stroke. Their lips meet in desperate hunger, as he strokes in and out of her body, faster and harder. Her fingernails make trails on his back as she arches against him, her body overflowing with sensations.

"Harder…claim me…" she whispers.

He slams into her, afraid that he will break her with his hammering, but she meets him, stroke for stroke. Her hips rise to slam into his, driving his cock further into her core. He can feel her start to come again and strokes faster wanting to join her into oblivion.

…Her breath hitches as she gently shakes her head, bringing herself back to reality. Back to the coffee shop, and her now cold café mocha. She flicks the tear away that slides down her cheek. The hurt of the unfulfilled dream washes over her.

She gathers her things, wanting to flee to the safety and loneliness of her home. As she stands to leave, she sees the tall man moving her way and freezes. He stops dead in his tracks, their eyes locking. A shy smile comes to his lips as he begins to move toward her.



"I’ve been looking for you." He whispers, barely audible, taking her hand in his.

"I’ve been waiting…" she whispers as their eyes meet, and millennium after millennium, lifetime after lifetime, come crashing back to them, sending them blissfully into oblivion.

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