Angelust – First Piece 1997

by Develsaa

She sits alone at the edge of the forest waiting for her knight to come
to her… The last few shreds of light shines through the trees…..the light captures
her face in a way the that even a goddess would be proud of….. she hears a gallop in the
distance and sees a shadow come over the hill and ride towards her… The wind whips her hair
across her ivory face, and she smiles as she notices who the shadow is.. her heart beat
quickens… The Knight dismounts and almost flies into her arms, he holds her close to him,
strokes her hair and promises never to leave her again…. she kisses his forehead and holds
him close, he kneels at her feet, his hands go around her and he pulls her closer to
him…..the knight touches her lips with his fingers….the wind blows and makes the girl
shiver, the soft succulent scent of strawberries rise in the air, and the moon falls on the
two lovers making them luminescent, ….. she stands up and beckons the knight to her, he
follows..she begins to sway… the knight pulls her close to him and kisses her red lips, he
places his hands on her waist, he stares into her eyes and the memories of the loneliness
disappears and he becomes lost in them… she moves to the sound the wind makes and the
knight follows herher every move… she holds him close… her body becomes filled with
passion and she moves more intensely to the music the wind makes through the trees.. the
knight is filled with a awe as he moves with her..she breaks away from him and dances…the
knight watches her filling with the same passion, the same want, the need he felt
when we was away from her…. she stops suddenly, the sweat glisting off her body..she
moves towards the knight, her dress stuck to her, showing the soft curves of her body..he
reaches for her… like a angel full of lust she kisses him, pulling his face close to
her,.. she is the only thing he sees and he becomes filled with her, he has the rapture to know all
he can about her, he tastes her lips, her mouth with such desire and cravings only she
can fill..he longs for her….. she softly laughs… he then realizes that he no longer needs
to roam, he has found what he needs, he no longer is alone, for he has found his match, his
life, she makes him complete, she is his angel….

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