Crying – 2000

by Develsaa

laying in my own self pity
the blackness now mixing with the blue of calm
my red rage dissappearing
my heart forgetting the pain
my life remembering the joy
my body wants to dance
dance with the stars
dance with the heavens
but I cant
you have damned me
in my own hell
and I sit here lost
remembering the black brightness
each time the calm hits me
my rage dissapears
you come back
and bring it all back with you
like this giant winged demon
comming to take my precious soul from me
let me go
I cry out
let me go
cant you see
that you caused me?
I cry and scream out
hitting your raw flesh
making it tender under my hands
my tears sting my face
as you bring me down with you
swirling our souls
living in our own hell
and still …..
the blackness comes

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