Love Just Love

by Develsaa

Tendrils of it engulf the heart
The mind no longer exists
Flowers bloom, a array of colors,
Purple, blue, and golden.

They bloom like the intensity of a fire.
The Fire blazes..
Crimson, orange, blue
It blazes in the heart,
The flame engulfs the soul.

Your mind no longer exists, the heart makes all the rules
It flies, it flies like a eagle.
It soars to the sky, strong and noble,
Looking at all the wondrous things of the earth,
From the emerald mountains, to the sky of cobalt blue.

It spies a river,
Flowing and giving life to all.
The shades of blue rising in it,
Light, dark, clear.

All of these things and more, love is,
It’s a eternal flame, a forever blooming flower,
A courageous eagle, a flowing river.. giving life to all,
All this is love, and all this I feel.

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