One Day

by Develsaa

I want to give you the world
I want to write to you a sonnet, a poem, to share with you how I feel

But as I sit here
and press this pen to my lips
the ink stills
my mind goes blank
and my heart shadows
How can I possibly put into words, what you make me feel?

I could draw on the moon
and say our bond is like two wolves running wild
running into eachother
each in awe of the other
each watching as the moon sprays through the fur
fine drops of sweat collecting on the tips
making silver raindrops
our passion wild
our love taboo

But that doesnt do it quite justice
Does it?

I could say we are like two flowing rivers, mighty and strong
giving life to where our water lies
our hands life
our hearts one
we share in this
bringing devestation to those that cannot understand our force
bringing life to others that bask as we draw near
everything united
life death birth

But that doesnt explain how I feel
how you make me feel

I could say that we are like the flower and the insect
each needing eachother
each soul mates
I the flower
you the bee
coming together for one brief moment
making love with eachother
making life

But then the bee would leave, and that moment shattered
and that is no where near what I would want to say

Our lives are dark
our skeletons many
but for one moment
we found eachother
through the shadows
and through the pain
holding on to eachother
no one will ever understand our bond
or our friendship
for we are everything, the moon and the wolf, the river and the earth, the bee and the flower.
We can be the creator and the destroyer
The lover and the virgin

But again I pause
unable to say
to put words into how I feel
into what my heart tells me
to what my soul is struggling to say
and the words dont come
so I dont write you a poem
and I dont share with you the block I have
and I dont let you know the feelings that are hidden within me
but one day I will
one day it will come
and I will be able to put words to this emotion
one day.

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