So tired.

by Develsaa
The 5th Wave Book Cover The 5th Wave
The 5th Wave
Rick Yancey
Post Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Dystopian
G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
May 7th 2013

I really enjoyed the story. Well, okay what is going on in the story is bleak and sad, but it's also interesting, and uplifting. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. The book is great at what it does, the characters are distinct, strong, and interesting. I enjoyed how Yancey writes and I am eager to get into the next one. But, I must say, reading this after reading Extinction Horizon (In which one of the main characters was gung Hoo-RAH) was .. interesting!

Hello readers!

I am so sore but that is okay. On Wednesday I went swimming at my friend Hidemy’s house.. and my gosh, I got sunburned. Like.. Bad.. I got sunburned badly. Despite putting on sunscreen. Bad bad burn, oh well! I was there from 11:30 till about 6:30.. Wonderful lady, great place, cool pool. Can’t wait to visit again!

Thursday, ugh.. shopping day, and I had a filling done. The filling part was first. It was ‘okay’ but, while my cheek and gums were numb, I still felt the drill on my tooth, every time he drilled I felt it, cold, painful, pressure and of course I can’t say anything because you know, drills, hands, tools are in my mouth. That was sore, today it’s much better.

So Shopping, I had about 250$ to spend to get food for 6 people, 5 cats, 2 birds, 1 iguana, and 7 fish for 2 weeks. That is a bit challenging, but I got it done, with money to spare. Huzzah!  I went to Pic’n’Save foods (which is new, but they sell out of date things for like 50 cents to a buck, and some of it is really good, considering that expiration dates are guess at best), Cost-U-Less (which is like a poormans Costco), 99 cent store, Wal-mart (Necessary evil), and Safeway.  I started my day around 8:30 and I did not get home until about 5 and did not get groceries away until about 6. I felt like I had ran the gambit yesterday.

Today, I made the appointments I needed, the final ones for my upcoming gastric bypass surgery. Which includes a trip to a psychiatrist and a 4 hour nutrition class.  Nervous, exciting, nervous. Mostly nervous. In about a month I am going to have it done, it’s daunting, and exciting all at once.

I also lobbed about 6 inches from Kira’s hair, that she asked me to do, so please don’t think I was being mean to my daughter.. She looks very cute and is very happy with how easy it is to take care of. Course, her hair is curly, and thick. So I can understand how light and cool it seems when it’s dead hot outside, and not having all of that weight on her.

And I finished re-reading “The 5th wave”. Mostly because I have the newest book in the series, and I wanted to refresh it before I started it.

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