Long Update here.

by Develsaa

Hi everyone! So what a long past few weeks. Let’s see what’s been going on. First and foremost I passed my psych evaluation for surgery. I also finished the last few things I needed to get done, and now I am just waiting on insurance. Not authorization, but the actual ID code so I can get authorization. But what I’ve done to get this far :

  • 6 months of diet documentation. (That means I drove to Modesto every month for it).
  • 6 months of exercise logging.
  • Primary Physician Letter (Which she refused to sign until I did a battery of drug tests).
  • Psych evaluation.
  • Nutritionist Evaluation
  • 4 hour nutrition, and surgery class.
  • Lab and Blood Work.

It’s been a whirlwind, I remember starting this process back in October of 2015, and it’s just flown by. But now that I am all done, met all requirements the only thing holding me up is the new insurance number. That’s it. I called multiple times today, and they won’t have my ID number due to an influx of processing until the 5th. It’s.. frustrating to say the least, because now I am held up, and instead of it being in July, which I was expecting, it may be in August which is difficult because of the massive amount of things going on in August.

Other than that, my car has decided that it needs a new TCM which is a Transmission Control Module, which costs about 400-900$. I do not have that. Until that happens, my car is out of commission. What’s going on is that the CPU of my car is telling my car to shift into neutral while I am driving, or to switch out of reverse and into drive. It’s dangerous and frustrating, because again, I have to go to Modesto, I have to go to Atwater (Both take about an hour and a half to get there), for myself and my son, and not being able to do that is .. difficult. Hopefully we’ll get that taken care of soon. In addition to my car troubles, when we were ‘glamping’ this past weekend, Walker accidentally stepped on my glasses while they were on a rock, so now my glasses are all scratched up, since they are plastic lenses and not glass, I cannot easily buff them out.

Before my car broke down, and on the way back home from my very last diet documentation and class, I picked up a hitch-hiker. I know I know, but it was 107° F outside, and I didn’t think it was appropriate to let this young girl wait in that weather. Turns out she was from Lithuania, and had only been in the U.S. for a week! She was headed towards Pinecrest, but when I told her it was touristy, we came to my house and found a different place for her to camp. I hope that it works out, we went to the Forest Ranger station and got her a good map, and I told them that she was out there, and if all went well she’d now be on her way to Fresno for a ‘work abroad’ program. Maybe we’ll cross paths again, but I doubt it.

I also have been reading, trying to find new things to read. I am not sure why my brain is being all wishy-washy about the genres I want to read. But I recently read some thriller/drama/true-crime type novels by Karin Slaughter, and they were interesting.. First I read “Pretty Girls” which.. well to be honest was very dark, gritty, and sad. Then I read another one of her books called “Cop-Town” which was dark, gritty, and violent. Though I do love that her main characters are female. (So far!), and not just female, but females that are hardcore, strong, women. I also read “Suicide Forest” by Jeremy Bates, but to be honest it put me to sleep, not once, not twice, but three times trying to get through it. While it was billed as horror, there was nothing really horrific about it until the end, and it was more .. X-Files “Home” meets “Cabin in the Woods” than anything else.

Other than this going on, what has been happening. We went to my Dad’s last weekend, it was a lot of fun! Kira, Brin and I camped out in his front yard (Though my Dad lives in a house in the woods, so it’s a pretty big property) then we went hiking about 30 minutes up and down boulders and cliffs, and poison oak to reach a swimming hole that was really beautiful. No one out there, the water was so dark it was almost black, there were fish in it, and soon kids. It was quite deep, we could not see the bottom at times we couldn’t see our bodies past our necks in the water. Here is my amazing, beautiful, and crazy family in the water.


The next day we headed to almost Hetch-Hetchy reservoir, but stopped a little bit before the reservoir, at a small part in the river, and hung out there feeding the Ravens for a few hours, where the swimming hole was relatively warm, the river was down-right cold. Too cold for me, but not too cold for the kids, or Charlie, who managed to destroy his sandals in the process.


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